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  • Thu, 01:23: that new android ad has a gay proposing to his lover and no reich wing group has lashed out yet
  • Thu, 03:54: I dislike all the bruce jenner shaming. if he IS transitioning and keeping it private, we shouldn't make a joke out of him
  • Thu, 03:59: I may be taking this time machine business a little too far on my mac. It's been preparing to copy for 5 hours. now at 3.5M files
  • Thu, 05:12: calvin harris with haim is formulaic calvin harris but tremendous
  • Thu, 05:20: when did my people start doing edge-up forehead hairlines like the afro-latins do. maybe I just started noticing it. my life is so insular
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    Thu, 00:36: OMG! https://t.co/y9N2gpHF7c

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    Sat, 15:05: ask me how ridiculous I am for trying to get a State inspection today on a holiday weekend

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    Fri, 12:46: can someone teach me how to speak with a mexican accent like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green? I’m kind of a #pocho

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