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  • Wed, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUhp5BY Stories via @coslive
  • Wed, 17:34: all those patriot act, TSA, and NSA infringements on the US American public seem pretty useless if we're going to be terrorized over a movie
  • Wed, 18:08: we're excited, as liberals, to ease cuban sanctions, not for high ideals, but for partagas cigars and habana club rum
  • Wed, 18:18: RT @JoeSudbay: About time --> "The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana" http://t.c…
  • Wed, 18:22: RT @ozchrisrock: Jeb Bush is qualified to be President in the same way that Olive Garden is qualified to be Italy.
  • Wed, 18:50: I tend to like the mowgli's, but I refuse to listen to them because of that stupid apostrophe
  • Wed, 19:18: thank you spotify new music tuesday. yet another "oh this song is cute. what indie band i….wtf. 1 direction?"
  • Wed, 19:31: so I watched an entire season of the wire, which is full of tropes, but it was the smarmy jewish lawyer trope that got on my hippie nerves
  • Wed, 19:49: I can't figure out what's making me sick. on the plus side, I'm losing weight and looking very cute
  • Wed, 20:16: it's pouring down to oltorf. that should help with the 'cedar' pollens for a day
  • Wed, 21:12: everyone who has pleaded for carte blanche respect of all police officers are the same ones who have refused to extend the courtesy to POTUS
  • Wed, 21:36: hot bridge crew guy in a mud fight on ascension! why can't mens girlfight and rip clothing off
  • Wed, 23:22: RT @garyyounge: If the US is really concerned about human rights in Cuba they could always set an example in the bit they actually still ru…
  • Wed, 23:25: based on casual observation, this serial podcast thing is the kardashians for people who think they're smart. everyone loves a scandal
  • Thu, 06:56: if that's really the end of ascension, it's the worst mini-series ever
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