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  • Thu, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUhp5BY
  • Thu, 17:47: RT @The405: George Maple shares video for 'Vacant Space' http://t.co/14ncVPxEyN http://t.co/vDEUktYaaZ
  • Thu, 18:30: if we give this pope enough time, he's going to give us jfk's second shooter, elvis, tupac, and the roswell aliens
  • Thu, 18:55: "I'm just going to leave this right here" is my most hated phrase of 2014. it was going to be "turn down for what," but protest is in
  • Thu, 19:25: damien rice's "it takes a lot to know a man" is worthy of woodkid. brilliant
  • Thu, 21:29: is there any hypocrisy in ridiculing people over duck dynasty and hate chikn as freedom avatars, but not a james franco movie
  • Thu, 21:49: the US is opening relations with cuba because 50 years of current policy hasn't worked. how's that war on drugs workin for us
  • Fri, 02:54: you'll never believe in white privilege more as when webmd tells you to check yourself for jaundiced skin and you're an indio
  • Fri, 02:58: RT @tomgara: "Actually, it's about ethics in filmmaking" http://t.co/c0c5EoNt3g
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