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  • Tue, 13:37: based on the patterns of cold/flu outbreaks at work, it's clear that families need to learn containment protocols
  • Tue, 13:44: Yey! A years and years EP. but but, isn't the album due out in a month already ♫ Y & Y EP – Years & Years http://t.co/EhPGDjeJf9
  • Tue, 15:10: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUhp5BY
  • Tue, 16:27: I am loving that today's trending topic is that harper lee is putting out a new novel. my people are readers
  • Tue, 16:56: I couldn't remember if I was making laksa or tom kha last night. this is my life
  • Tue, 17:45: it's been 65 years, but harper lee's sequel will still come out before george rr martin's next game of thrones
  • Wed, 00:01: RT @statesman: A San Antonio restaurant is aiming to be the Mexican food answer to Hooters, with wait staff dressed in lingerie: http://t.c…
  • Wed, 00:06: RT @LoganJames: Louisiana taxpayers should probably ask for a refund on Bobby Jindal's official portrait (via @CenLamar/@TheInd) http://t.c…
  • Wed, 00:31: channing tatum's poster for XXL proves product placement can be key
  • Wed, 04:46: teen dean winchester is mas cute tonight, but someone needs to have a conversation with whomever does his eyebrows
  • Wed, 05:33: @anthonytoner I wanted to just say hi on the fb cuz I hadn't seen you in my feeds. gone. so. hi!
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