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  • Mon, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Mon, 15:45: this song is cheesy fun pop, but so infectious ♫ Thumbalina – Coleman Hell http://t.co/Wu56BYmrO3
  • Mon, 15:57: if you're at #SXSW2015 , charles bradley was one of the best accidental discoveries I've had in the past. you try to see him and his band
  • Mon, 16:41: of course I picked the week I'd be on my feet most to see a podiatrist. I don't know why. the interweb says plantar fasciitis is untreatable
  • Mon, 17:16: bieber roast sounds like a delicious new type of coffee, amirite
  • Mon, 17:29: the new marina and the diamonds album is finally out. rejoice! ♫ FROOT – Marina and The Diamonds http://t.co/KLFyfdNidJ
  • Mon, 17:42: RT @mercurymambo: Latino #millennials less likely 2 click on a site w/"Latino" in name than a mainstream site w/Latino content - @marianaat
  • Tue, 02:42: I can't be alone in thinking that if we put a bush or a clinton back in the oval office, we're all morons
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