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  • Sun, 15:08: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Sun, 17:12: I've never heard the downstairs lady make a single peep. I keep hearing "no! you effing morons" and the like. must be march madness
  • Sun, 17:28: cain't hardly wait for all the "obama's not a US American" wackjobs to say the same thing about ted cruz. cuz they will, right?
  • Sun, 18:14: RT @theenvycorps: Gotta commend the @austin_police for being incredibly professional and helpful during #SXSW2015
  • Sun, 18:17: I thought riverside had finally arrived cuz we got food for melanin challenged people- kebap and chipotle. we got a starbuck's now. it's on
  • Sun, 19:27: no season 3 of longmire on netflix. hateful
  • Sun, 20:50: high anxiety is kicking in after being out of work for a week
  • Mon, 03:55: stephen hawking gets more play than me. I hate this movie!
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