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  • Tue, 14:15: the boss popped his head into my office cuz I'm singing "I know everything there is to know about the crying game" with no music on
  • Tue, 14:32: if you think liberty is awesome, wait until I answer your tech support question while speaking in tongues
  • Tue, 15:11: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/Bn29gEeWxt Stories via @hypem
  • Tue, 17:41: baby bend ovah, let your booty do that yoga
  • Tue, 18:24: the indiana law would let a norseman throw the hammer, literally, at a trickster accused of fraud, yes?
  • Tue, 18:45: hello madeon. why come nobody toldt me that dan smith is bastille
  • Tue, 20:44: @crisaris a collaboration song! http://t.co/aSUhlgV0lt
  • Tue, 21:53: me: I've never been more embarrasked, but can I ask you a question? do crocs have arch support?
  • Tue, 22:15: RT @KagroX: Statistically speaking, 50 laps of the Indy 500 are gay.
  • Wed, 01:21: RT @lsqnews: Texas House OKs shifting $3 million from HIV prevention to abstinence education over two years #LGBT #txlege #HB1
  • Wed, 01:38: adm! my cousin did a selena tribute. Selena - I Could Fall In Love (Cover) by LaRyss - YouTube http://t.co/RJdQ3BUgem
  • Wed, 01:52: this allegedly religious program on cbs is all about sex and adultery. I don't remember all this in the masada story
  • Wed, 02:33: who knew zayn malik was so emo
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