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  • Sun, 15:10: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/buiG36bo3e
  • Sun, 22:06: bartender: I KNOW HIM! (me) older gent: you have a reputation in a stripper bar?
  • Mon, 02:11: yes. I do think you’re a ridiculous cow for interjecting all lives matter. my mom doesn’t hate her children when she says she loves my dad
  • Mon, 02:29: hunger makes the best sauce - the year of the flood, maddaddam trilogy. but this smoked boudin is GOOD http://t.co/KzThGQF2AJ
  • Mon, 03:44: them betches went back to coop's place for more fried chicken without me. this is how it feels when two friends you introduce hook up
  • Mon, 04:40: Me by @EmpressOf is premiering on @hypem now http://t.co/XW8idArjRN
  • Mon, 06:02: I can't wait for the new everything everything album to be released in the US. I must order it NOW
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