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  • Sun, 14:20: can right wingers please get on a high horse about us bombing doctors without borders in kunduz. kthnx
  • Sun, 14:29: "bros gold" iphones. lol @ spiffie
  • Sun, 14:41: ugh. it's a fight over whether to see sylvan esso or halsey. I'm going to have to go halvsies
  • Sun, 15:07: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/GiQAXgM6M5 Stories via @IHEARTCOMIX
  • Sun, 16:27: charlotte oc > ryn weaver. not sorry
  • Sun, 16:30: I didn’t realize I look like a ripe peach. it’s a say something hat day
  • Sun, 17:01: local band night drive killing it in the daytime
  • Sun, 17:36: these melanin challenged folk just plopped their chairs in my shady patch like they were columbus. and then instagrammed their empty chairs!
  • Sun, 17:53: lion babe is doing alien yoga before her set
  • Sun, 17:56: a lion babe in leopard print gloves?
  • Sun, 19:19: I'm smooshed up against a barrier just so @alexander_olly can smile at me
  • Mon, 00:38: the three cocks in the saint laurent film are about the only interesting parts of this long ass movie
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