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  • Fri, 01:28: this new the whiz is reminding me why I don't like going to the theater
  • Fri, 01:43: oh. it's the wiz
  • Fri, 01:48: I think this is the first time ne-yo has not been autotuned. he's the first ray of sunshine in the wiz live!
  • Fri, 03:42: austin THINKS it's hip to tex-mex breakfast tacos, but until they are eating egg and weenies tacos, they are just perpetratin
  • Fri, 03:59: I'm taking pills for headaches that seem to be causing a different kind of random stabby headache
  • Fri, 04:20: when common looks like the door guy at every great gay bar #theWiz
  • Fri, 04:32: how did I miss a whole 3 minute batman vs superman trailer 2 yesterday. must have been all that shooter news
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