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  • Mon, 16:07: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! https://t.co/0R3j35zjJt Stories via @themusicninja
  • Mon, 18:49: why can't I just have a sunny pre-disposition like other happy people
  • Mon, 19:08: do I have this right. the people who went after obama for "bypassing" the Constitution are now on him to ignore the Constitution for SCOTUS
  • Mon, 19:22: I don't believe US Americans will embrace socialism until ALL the land (for housing and farming) and water (for drinking) is privatized
  • Mon, 19:26: I just went into my jefe's office and said I LOVE BREAD just to see if it would annoy him, too. he just laughed at me
  • Tue, 01:20: the new x-files series has us all punked, I am sure of it
  • Tue, 02:10: stevie wonder's camouflage jacket though. he can't see anyone, and now no one can see him
  • Tue, 02:40: errbody on my facebook just now asking who sam hunt is cuz they thirsty britches
  • Tue, 02:57: oh dang! congrats to alabama shakes
  • Tue, 03:12: the bieber sounds amazing. yeah. I said it
  • Tue, 03:17: sam smith starting to look like jude law with that beard goin on
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