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  • Tue, 16:08: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! https://t.co/mLj6e4Q98P
  • Tue, 18:37: when your kids not running off to join ISIS (all melanin levels) is a measure of good parenting
  • Tue, 18:40: THAT was the x-files finale? lol. I told y'all. trolled
  • Tue, 19:07: oh dang. I wonder if @thisisSiba is a ginger. a hot ginger
  • Wed, 00:34: charli has a new record label. so now all of them can just up and cancel tour after tour too, amirite
  • Wed, 00:43: it's ok, obama. I was raised white too. don't listen to that ben carson feller
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