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  • Sun, 13:06: uber says fingerprinting creates an impediment to getting drivers to sign up. well, so does shutting down your app, methinks #prop1
  • Sun, 13:22: saying that austin is anti tech company over its #prop1 vote is utter horseshit
  • Sun, 13:37: austin got 65,103 people to sign up for a #prop1 referendum but only about half of them voted. voter apathy will always kill your cause
  • Sun, 14:40: where were the rideshare people when the city council required chauffeur’s licenses for pedicabs. where!
  • Sun, 14:52: the other take-away from austin’s #prop1: never underestimate how much austin hippies hate spam and tree killing! maybe they used recycled?
  • Sun, 15:06: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! https://t.co/tfSeDnWTIS
  • Sun, 15:10: remember when everyone just stayed home and didn’t party or go to work before rideshare like forever ago
  • Sun, 16:17: mom is watching joel osteen. I have to get out of here
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