Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
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  • Sat, 20:47: they don't teach writing in schools any more so graffiti taggers have to use block letters now
  • Sat, 20:50: I went outside into the sun and said gurl, bye. I'm not supposed to be in the sun anyway. ask homer. happy gay pride
  • Sat, 20:54: I am starting to feel tingles and shocks and toothaches on the other side of my face. I fear my trigeminal neuralgia is migrating
  • Sat, 21:39: when you want the boys don’t cry zine just for that one picture https://t.co/8F2GyrHYSF
  • Sat, 22:51: I strongly suspect that that drug that makes people eat your face off (flakka) makes people smell like barbacoa tacos
  • Sat, 23:28: people on my feeds who make fun of LIBERAL trigger warnings invented ratings like R and X and TV-MA and PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT
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