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  • Sat, 15:46: RT @MikeChaseACLU: I am so very happy to be able to say, as of today, that the ACLU has filed an amicus to decriminalize prostitution. http…
  • Sat, 16:06: I haven’t wanted to buy an album for a while, but this phantogram three though
  • Sat, 18:38: I have lived for a day when penis size and pussy would become presidentially common
  • Sat, 18:57: cheap mexican restaurant coffee always tastes better than my expensive shit
  • Sat, 19:42: I have to wonder why the big ad placement during the tx vs ou game on the fox sports channel I'm watching is mexican avocados
  • Sat, 19:47: never as a gay man did I think I’d read about vagina for two days, with probably more to come. no pun intended
  • Sat, 19:58: a crazy ass flea flicker, really?
  • Sat, 20:05: never underestimate your base's belief in redemption, especially if it's convenient...and you're melanin-challenged
  • Sat, 20:19: TIL on luke cage that black barbers have to learn to move their clippers faster than a ninja
  • Sat, 20:30: RT @spiffie: Zing! https://t.co/OVOlWAkaT2
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