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  • Tue, 05:01: it is a complete surprise to me how so many people keep their mental health or lack of it such a secret. maybe that’s part of their problem
  • Tue, 05:08: me, to matthew, who gave me a safety pin: am I supposed to actually be able to do some ass kicking if I wear this safety pin?
  • Tue, 13:41: oooh. coulrophobia. the fear of clowns. I saw Clown this weekend. mortifying!
  • Tue, 15:52: issey miyake is making me allergies
  • Tue, 16:10: The latest Make Your Own Kind of Music! https://t.co/e1ZJFPDYGj #indiepop #lollapalooza
  • Tue, 18:24: We read all 20 National Book Award nominees. Here's what we thought. https://t.co/3JuideeXrB via @voxdotcom
  • Tue, 18:46: does our radicalism matter if we fail to bring the opposition to our way of thinking
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